Be Fierce!

Be Fierce!

Fierce – /fi(ə)rs/ – adjective – showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity in feeling or action

I recently caught a clip of the HBO Special “Beyonce: Life is But a Dream” and it did not disappoint. In one part of the documentary, Beyonce has just become her own manager and she realizes that she has to ask herself “what do you want,” in order to decide what she should do next. This has really stuck with me because we all go through parts of our lives where we are at a crossroads and we have to ask ourselves: what next? I am currently at a crossroads and I will be sure to let you know which path I decide to take. Beyonce is truly inspirational. She is a smart, beautiful, talented, independent, hard working, and driven woman. I highly recommend watching this HBO special because it shows you the Beyonce behind all the glitz and glam that we all love and this Beyonce is just as amazing. I also hope you take the time to ask yourself every now and then: What do I really want?


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