101 in 1001

After reading Mackenzie Horan’s blog Design Darling, I was inspired to make my own list of 101 in 1001. It is a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days (2.75 years or 143 weeks). Let’s go!

End Date: December 2, 2015

  1. Graduate with my MHA (Master of Health Administration). 
  2. Work in a hospital.
  3. Go to Vegas. (March 2013)
  4. Visit a new state. (Arizona April 2013)
  5. See a Cirque du Soleil performance. (The Beatles Love, 03/28/13)
  6. Travel abroad again.
  7. Stand in the VIP section (next to the stage) at a concert.
  8. Learn to cook by practicing/watching my Mom & start a recipe book.
  9. Participate in a flash mob.
  10. Read 25 books. (The Mindy Project, Bossypants, Tuesdays with Morrie, 3/2013)
  11. Start a blog filled with my interests.  (March 2012)
  12. Incorporate my passion for health care in the blog.
  13. Learn Mandarin Chinese (at least some basics).
  14. Become an active member of a charity.
  15. Go to PA School.
  16. Move into a new place.
  17. Become a runner.
  18. Drink 8 glasses of water each day for at least a week.
  19. Give up dairy in my diet.
  20. Find a skin care regime that works for my skin.
  21. Interview a hospital administrator in the C-Suite. (CEO of HSS, 03/22/13)
  22. Do something outside of my comfort zone.
  23. Read the New York Times everyday for at least a week.
  24. Invest in a really good planner.
  25. Do the 2-day Avon Breast Cancer Walk.
  26. Make a recipe off of Pinterest.
  27. Do a DIY project from Pinterest.(Bridal shower gift, 04/13/13)
  28. Go on a camping trip.
  29. Ride in a helicopter.
  30. Attend a conference.
  31. Take my Grandma to a Broadway show.
  32. Clean out and organize my closet.
  33. Throw a dinner party.
  34. Go skinny dipping.
  35. Take a ballroom dance class.
  36. Make a map or book to keep track of all the places I have been.
  37. Get a facial.
  38. Attend a horse race and wear a pretty hat.
  39. Learn to play poker.
  40. Try five new foods.
  41. Throw a surprise party.
  42. Go to the top of the empire state building.
  43. Go to a drive in movie.
  44. Rewatch the Gilmore Girls series (because it never gets old) and makes me happy.
  45. Write the sitcom I am always talking about.
  46. Organize my digital photographs.
  47. Learn to be a better networker.
  48. Learn something new from a handyman.
  49. Watch a black and white movie.
  50. Learn Calligraphy.
  51. Try 5 new restaurants. (Major’s Steak House, East Meadow 4/6/13)
  52. Volunteer.
  53. Help with a fundraiser.
  54. Go to a masquerade ball. (03/23/13)
  55. Go to some of my brothers’ sporting events.
  56. Go to the new Barclays Center.
  57. Go to an Islanders v. Rangers hockey game.
  58. Join a gym.
  59. Try eyebrow threading.
  60. Find my signature cocktail.
  61. Invent a new drink.
  62. Bartend for a night.
  63. Make a piece of artwork.
  64. Make a cake from scratch.
  65. Invest in a few good cook books.
  66. Learn how to use my iPad in the most productive way. (Find the right apps.)
  67. Go to a zoo.
  68. Learn a new song on the piano.
  69. Get an additional certification.
  70. Go house/apartment hunting.
  71. Visit a friend that lives far away. (March 2013)
  72. Send 10 old fashioned cards.
  73. Give up ice cream for a month.
  74. See a comedy show.
  75. Figure out what my favorite make up products are.
  76. Perfect the art of ironing.
  77. Make a scrapbook.
  78. Learn about 10 new illnesses because I love medical science.
  79. Brush up on my spanish.
  80. Upgrade to a better camera.
  81. Organize my iTunes and iPod.
  82. Find the best way to connect my iPod to my car stereo.
  83. Fix my Dad’s GPS or buy him a new one.
  84. Go to the Winthrop Children’s Cancer Center Black and White Gala.
  85. Explore a new part of NYC.
  86. Explore a new part of Long Island.
  87. Take my little cousin somewhere fun.
  88. Play a game of basketball with my brothers.
  89. Make an Outfit of the Day or Fashion blog post.
  90. Make a blog post about music.
  91. Take Billy to see Straight No Chaser.
  92. Stay overnight in Fire Island.
  93. Have a picnic.
  94. Learn how to stop properly when rollerblading.
  95. Follow 5 new blogs.
  96. Go skinny dipping.
  97. Buy a few coffee table books.
  98. Ride my bike to the beach.
  99. Go running on the beach.
  100. Try to put my Grandma’s recipes on paper and in a recipe book.
  101. Save $10 for every goal that is accomplished.

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